Hello, we are OINAINA KYOTO.


‘Oinaina’ refers to ‘come to our place’ in Kyoto dialect.


OINAINA KYOTO provides ‘deep but casual Kyoto’, in which cute designs and Kyoto style are fused.

It includes making products mixing Japanese and Western styles through the unique experience programs.


We offer cultural experience programs such as Tea ceremony, Calligraphy, and various craft programs for making handmade souvenirs, in which modern design and traditional Japanese style are combined.

Today, Japan is experiencing a revival of an appreciation of handmade acts and crafts, and many people enjoy creating their own original, unique products by hand.

Nowadays there are more shops dealing in handmade products, and also outdoor markets specializing in handmade products.

Now, we can not only buy souvenirs, but also make them ourselves.

Whether it’s Tea ceremony or Calligraphy, we recommend experiencing actualness with an inquiring mind. The goal is not only to follow the procedures but to understand the principles.

In Calligraphy each Japanese character has its principle meaning, and in Tea ceremony each procedure derives from ‘the spirit of tea’ or ‘the philosophy of tea’.

Through actual participation in Japanese traditional activities you can enjoy Japan with a new awareness.

Japanese also have the great chance to rediscover the beauty of Japanese culture by studying Japan’s rich cultural heritage.


Please come to OINAINA and enjoy the exquisite experiences that are sure to enrich your stay in Kyoto.


We will reply to you by email after confirmation of availability.

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You can get a 10% discount for a Kimono dressing plan when you make a reservation for any of the following programs.

kyogokoro and oinaina has partnered. 




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program(tea ceremony in a machiya plan 2 and kyogokorokimono basicplan)

desired time(13:00 Start a dressing kimono,  and then 13:40 start a tea ceremony experience )



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471-2 Miyaki-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, 604-8275

(1 block south from Oike-Ogawa)


3 min walk from Horikawa-Oike (city bus stop)

8 min walk from Karasuma-Oike subway station (Karasuma Line) Exit 4-2

4 min walk from Nijojo-mae subway station (Tozai Line) Exit 2

+81-(0)75-255-1686(※English speaker is not always at oinaina)

No scheduled holidays

Reception time of experience programs 11:00~15:00